Episode 48: Leading and Living With Purpose – Zahra Al-Harazi

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A survivor of two civil wars, Zahra Al-Harazi immigrated to Canada in 1996 with her three children and no higher education. Today, she’s one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs.

On this episode of REAL TIME, Zahra unpacks the turning point in her story, when she defined her sense of purpose, and how it continues to guide her and her businesses. She also shares strategies for defining your own purpose, and how to harmonize your personal and professional values, so you can stay focused, motivated, and fulfilled.

Discover Ikigai, the Japanese concept Zahra swears by for inspiring your sense of purpose: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikigai

Learn more about the Enneagram personality types: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enneagram_of_Personality

Episode 47: The Nature of Productive Disagreements – Anthony Morgan

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Anthony Morgan is an award-winning science communicator. He’s also a PhD researcher and startup founder who’s hosted dozens of TV shows, including the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet and CBC’s The Nature of Things with Sarika Cullis-Suzuki.

He’s the mastermind behind Freestyle Socials, a live, hilarious game designed to “undivide” people by blurring the lines we draw between one another.

On this episode of REAL TIME, Anthony shares science-based insight to help REALTORS® become better problem solvers in the face of a disagreement.

Watch the experiment Anthony describes as a “magic trick”– Daniel Simons’ selective attention test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJG698U2Mvo

Episode 46: Colours, Trends, and Influences: A Palette of Possibilities – Leatrice Eiseman

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Colour affects us physically and mentally. In business, it’s a silent salesperson, a powerful way to send a message.

To start the year, we invited one of the world’s leading colour consultants to help us explore colour trends and the malleable nature of colour itself – how we perceive it, what we can do with it, and how REALTORS® can wield it to instill confidence in their clients.

Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman is Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute™ and Director of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Technology. For more than 20 years, she’s been responsible for choosing the Pantone® Color of the Year, which has vastly influenced the worlds of fashion, interior design, product development, and beyond.

Visit LeatriceEiseman.com to explore Lee’s books on colour and online training courses.

Episode 43: Regaining Truth and Trust in Media and Beyond – Peter Mansbridge

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For more than five decades, Canadians have trusted Peter Mansbridge to guide them through countless political, economic, and cultural events that have shaped our nation. He’s one of Canada’s most respected and recognizable figures, having spent 30 years as CBC News’ chief correspondent and anchor of The National.

On this episode of REAL TIME, Peter helps us understand why, how, and where we’ve deviated from trust and truth – all through his unique journalistic lens – and how Canadians can respond.

Episode 42: Bringing Your Potential Into Perspective – George Mumford

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On this episode of REAL TIME, we’re joined by George Mumford, AKA the “Performance Whisperer.” George is a pioneer in sports psychology and performance coaching, and is globally renowned for his liberating perspectives on mindfulness and flow.

Throughout his career, he’s worked with an all-star roster of clients including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and now, he’s bringing his expertise to REAL TIME to help REALTORS® elevate their game in business and life.

Episode 41: The Working REALTOR®: Growing Your Business

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So, you’re starting to build a name for yourself as a REALTOR®, but how do you propel your already solid foundation to new heights of success?

Continuing our Working REALTOR® series, this episode shares tips, strategies, and lessons learned to help you continue building a successful real estate career, at any phase.

Hear from three REALTORS® from across the country: Ruth Alexander from Calgary, Alberta, Nene Akintan from Oakville, Ontario, and Steve Saretsky from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Episode 39: A Sustainable Business is Good for Business

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With research showing Canadians want to live more sustainably, businesses big and small have an opportunity to deliver a new form of value. On this episode of REAL TIME, Geoffrey Macdonald, CFO of IKEA Canada, shares advice to help REALTORS® support their clients’ sustainability journeys, operate more sustainably themselves, and be as authentic as possible on their path to positive change.

Episode 38: The Working REALTOR®: Building a Name

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Thinking about a career in real estate? Want to build your name as a REALTOR®? While there’s no universal formula for success, there’s a lot to learn from the people behind the profession. This month, we get up close and personal with two REALTORS® for the first episode in our new series, exploring the world of the working REALTOR®.

Edmonton-based James Mabey, CREA’s Chair-Elect, and Halifax-based Chris Peters, CREA’s Regional Director (Atlantic), reflect on how they got their start in the industry and share lessons learned.

Episode 37: “Disruption”: Corporate Jargon or Business Strategy?

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On this special episode of REAL TIME, live-recorded at the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) 2023 Leadership Summit, we’re joined by Lital Marom, a globally recognized thought leader, entrepreneur, innovation strategist, and business visionary.

Lital has spoken at industry conferences worldwide, inspiring organizations to “disrupt themselves” and unlock their potential in the new, exponential economy. She’s a trailblazer on topics ranging from digital transformation and emerging technologies to workplace culture and agile leadership.

On this episode, Lital focuses on how organizations can reimagine themselves through mindset shifts, the power of data, exploring new business models, and more.

Episode 36: The Future of REALTOR.ca

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Each year, REALTOR.ca generates more than five million leads for REALTORS® across Canada. Developed and operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) on behalf of its REALTOR® members, it’s the country’s most popular and trusted real estate platform. As technology advances, however, and new contenders enter the market, it’s critical REALTOR.ca secures its relevance for the future.

On this episode of REAL TIME, we explore the future of Canada’s real estate landscape as well as the vision behind shifting REALTOR.ca from a not-for-profit, association-driven product to a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary of CREA.

Ultimately, we look at how this shift will expand the platform’s potential to keep REALTORS® at the heart of the real estate transaction.

Guests include Jill Oudil, CREA Chair, Patrick Pichette, VP of REALTOR.ca, and Andrew Jackson, Head of Business Development at CREA.